About Us

We understand that people are one of your most valuable resources as well as one of your biggest headaches.

After all, get the right people in the right roles, and with the right support, and magic happens. But fill a role with the wrong person and it isn’t just productivity that drops, everything from your culture to your stakeholder relationships take a hit too.

Which is why we launched Vallum. We were fed up of traditional recruitment and its tick-box, bums-on-seats approach. We believed in something different. A new way of working which involves getting right under the skin of a business, and of a role. And of the recruitment team working for you to genuinely understanding the sectors they work in, so that they can speak the same language as candidates, and spot the exceptional from the exaggerated every time.

As well as our own in-house team of recruitment experts – all with years of relevant and hands-on sector-centric experience – we partner with a number of Associates who we call on for support and insight with very specialist roles. We know that’s something the industry at large doesn’t offer, but we believe it makes a very real difference. And our results absolutely support us.

Learn more about how we could support you with Recruitment, Consultancy, and Coaching. Read about our Vallum Promise and the guarantee it provides you. Or do get in touch to arrange an initial no-obligation chat.


Working with Vallum

We network in your sector, we engage with your community fully through a variety of social media and digital channels, and we headhunt to get you the perfect fit. We’ll provide you with a list of shortlisted candidates, often within just a few days, who’ll all have been screened, interviewed face-to-face, and referenced in readiness. And that means that you can trust they’re as good as their CV suggests, preserving your time and your energy.


And to give you even more peace of mind, we back every appointment with our Recruitment Promise. If a candidate doesn’t work out within three months, we’ll replace them absolutely free of charge.